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Where do you seek God? Are you waiting for him to appear in a monumental, life-altering event?

In God Moments, Catholic blogger Andy Otto shows you how to discover the unexpected beauty of God’s presence in the story of ordinary things and in everyday routines like preparing breakfast or walking in the woods.  Drawing on the Ignatian principles of awareness, prayer, and discernment, Otto will help you discover the transforming power of God’s presence in your life and better understand your place in the world.

Andy Otto found God’s presence in surprising moments during his life—when, as a Jesuit scholastic, he taught children in Jamaica and also as he discerned the call to marriage with his wife. By combining elements of Ignatian spirituality with the lessons that came from his experiences, Otto identified three practices that helped him find God in all things:

  • Awareness—Gain an understanding that God is present in the ordinary messiness of our lives such as battle with depression or sharing in the struggle of a friend.
  • Prayer—Develop a prayer life using Ignatian practices such as asking for a morning grace and examining how your prayer was answered at the end of the day. That way you can focus on a personal relationship with God that finds everyday physical activities such as making a meal as an opportunity to talk to him.
  • Discernment—The more you are aware of God’s presence and draw closer to him in prayer, the better you can learn how to plug into God’s narrative of the world in a way that enables you to participate in the divine story through the use of your gifts and talents.

With God Moments as a guide, you’ll have a better understanding of how to seek personal wholeness in the reality of God’s presence in the ordinary and learn to accept his invitation to participate in his transformation of the world.

“Andy Otto brilliantly and simply helps all of us discover a God who wants to relate to us in the ordinary messiness of our day-to-day lives. Easily accessible yet profound and inspiring, this book is a modern-day spiritual treasure.” –Rev. Dave Dwyer, C.S.P., Director of Busted Halo

“I’m an avid reader of Andy Otto’s blogging observations about the spiritual life. Finally, we have a book that focuses on a theme close to the heart of his writing: a God who is found in all things. Andy draws us to look lovingly at a God who is always already looking lovingly at us. God Moments is a book for those who are unsure about how to discover God, but might find themselves drawn like a magnet to Christian faith.” –Tim Muldoon, Catholic theologian at Boston College and author of The Ignatian Workout and Six Sacred Rules for Families

God Moments is inviting and inspiring. Whether Andy Otto is invoking It’s a Wonderful Life while reflecting on the power of Ignatian prayer or sharing stories from his own journey of discernment, he takes the spiritual and makes it practical. This engaging book will help you recognize God in all things and use that knowledge to become the person you were created to be.”–Ginny Kubitz Moyer, Author of Mary and Me and Random MOMents of Grace

“In an earnest and accessible way, Andy Otto gives us a trademark, joy-filled take on Ignatian spirituality. God Moments is equally compelling and nourishing to any reader seeking a closer relationship with God.” —Matt Weber, CatholicTV host and author of Operating on Faith

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