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A new tool for prayer and growth.

What is God's Will?

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For your parish. For your group. For you.

From classroom resources to prayer aids, prayer journals toaudio meditations,
you can discover the riches of the Ignatian tradition.

Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with Ignatian spirituality and you want to somehow, tangibly, share it with others in your parish or school. Maybe you’d simply like to grow more in your own faith.

This site is a resource for all things Ignatian – aiding in the sharing of Ignatian spirituality with the world. If you can download it, listen to it, or touch it, it’ll be here. At least that’s the hope. This is a project that will continue to grow and expand. As time goes by you’ll discover new resources here that you can download and print, share with your faith sharing group, listen to, or purchase and have sent to you.

Ignatian Resources is a project of
God In All Things.
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