Audio Meditations

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An Examen on how God has taken and blessed us, loved us in brokenness, and given us to the world.

Morning Examen Logo

This version of the Examen is to be prayed in the morning, assessing your desires, feelings, and possible challenges as you face a new day.

Evening Examen Logo

To be prayed at the close of the day, this examen gives you the chance to reflect on how God was at your side during the day.

silent examen

A 7-minute audio Examen similar to the Evening Examen but without music.

Anytime Examen Logo

Pray this examen any time of day. It takes just two minutes, so now you have no excuse to pray!


Saint Ignatius often recommends that before prayer we ask God for “what I want and desire”. This two-part daily audio meditation will help you ask yourself, “What is the grace I seek?” Morning and Before Bed tracks are meant to bookend your day.


An audio examen on the blessing of family and our role in it. Pray alone or with your family.

A kind of life-long Examen, inspired by Ignatius’ Contemplation to Attain Love.

Liturgical Seasons

Imagine Advent Circle

Delve into the Advent gospel readings using the Ignatian imaginative prayer method. Click the image above to go to the audio for the First Sunday of Advent. Click here to purchase the entire series in PDF form.

Discerning Advent GIAT Base

Learn about discernment and decision-making in the light of the mystery of the Incarnation. Using the four weeks of Advent, the series is less meditation and more reflection.

Purple Rain Square

From Ash Wednesday to Easter, Purple Rain offers meditations on the scriptures that, like the rain, help us grow during what seems to be a dry and arid liturgical season.

Dreaming of the Resurrection

Imagine yourself at a party with Jesus. The conversation turns to resurrection.

Themed Meditations

You are loved by God. No matter what. Period.

Be guided through the praying with any Gospel passage using the Ignatian imaginative prayer method.


This ten-part series walks you through the basic elements of Ignatian spirituality and includes a meditation relevant to the week’s theme. (Available as purchasable programme for your group.)

Pick Up Your Mat meditation

Be the person lowered through the roof to Jesus. What is keeping you paralysed? Put yourself in Jesus’ hands in this healing imaginative prayer.

Intimately Created Logo

A meditation based on Psalm 139. Sit in awe at the miracle you are.

Hands Meditation

Find a quiet space and make time to pray with this meditation on Jesus’ hands.

New Beginnings LogoNew year? New child? New job? New move? A meditation for any new beginning!


God just wants us to be more ourselves. This meditation will help us ask three key questions about our potential for wholeness: Where have I been? What are the tensions of my being? And, What within me am I being called to develop?

Are you truly free? Pray with the Ignatian concept of freedom, where nothing holds us back from who God made us to be.