So many of us struggle to hear God’s voice, to understand what God desires for our life. This 3-week live course examines St. Ignatius’ wisdom and tools for discernment and decision-making. Ignatius famously said that the Creator works directly with the creature. But how does God communicate to us about important decisions we have to make? And how can we ensure those decisions draw us more deeply into a loving relationship with God?

Course Plan

  • Week One – Learn about the foundation of Ignatius’ approach to discernment. We will define discernment, examine what makes decisions so hard, and talk about the importance of Ignatian indifference and freedom.
  • Week Two – We begin to take a deep dive into Ignatius’ Rules for the Discernment of Spirits, his experiential insights into the interior tensions that can become the motivators for making decisions.
  • Week Three – We continue exploring the Rules for the Discernment of Spirits, discuss some practical Ignatian methods to making decisions, and consider how we might find confirmation in our choices.

As each week builds upon the content of the previous week participants are encouraged not to miss a class. Each class will be recorded in the event a class must be missed.

Since each class is run live participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and even offer their own scenarios as they relate to Ignatius’ discernment techniques.



This course draws upon content from Loyola Press’ book What’s Your Decision? and St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises and autobiography. Participants are encouraged to purchase What’s Your Decision? prior to the course.


Technical Requirements

We will be using a video conferencing platform for this course. Below are the minimum system requirements to log in via desktop computer or mobile (iOS or Android):

  • OS:
    • Windows® 7
    • Mac® OSX 10.9
    • iOS 9.0
    • Android 4.0.1
  • Bandwidth: 100Kb/s (HD Audio), 1.1Mb/s (video)

Instructions on downloading and logging into the app will come to you after registration.


Upcoming Dates

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Facilitator: Andy Otto

More dates and times may be added in the future.